World Cup Winner

World Cup Winner

Niles-Kristian Iversen sealed a Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup gold medal for Denmark on Saturday night after winning the final heat of the meeting.

Denmark and Poland went into the last heat level on points, Niels was matched up against Poland’s Janusz Kolodziej in heat 20. Kolodziej led Niels four three of the laps but a stunning move from the Dane saw him overtake the Pole coming out of the last bend to secure victory.

Meeting Details

Denmark: 38
1. Nicki Pedersen (2,3,6!,3,1,2) 17
2. Peter Kildemand (2,0,2,2,1) 7
3. Mads Korneliussen (1,0,-,2,0) 3
4. Niels K. Iversen (2,3,2,2,2) 11

Poland: 37
1. Piotr Protasiewicz (3,2,2,2,X) 9
2. Krzysztof Kasprzak (3,2,3,1,2) 11
3. Janusz Kołodziej (3,1,1,0,1) 6
4. Jarosław Hampel (3,1,1,3,3) 11

Australia: 36
1. Chris Holder (1,6!,3,0,1) 11
2. Darcy Ward (0,1,2,1,3,3) 10
3. Jason Doyle (1,,0,3,3,3) 13
4. Troy Batchelor (0,2,R,-,-) 2

Team GB: 16
1. Tai Woffinden (2,2,1,2!,3,2) 10
2. Simon Stead (0,R,-,0,0) 0
3. Chris Harris (1,1,0,1,1) 4
4. Daniel King (0,0,0,0,R) 0

Bieg po biegu:
1. J. Hampel, N. K. Iversen, Ch. Holder, S. Stead
2. J. Kołodziej, T. Woffinden, M. Korneliussen, D. Ward
3. P. Protasiewicz, P. Kildemand, Ch. Harris, T. Batchelor
4. K. Kasprzak, N. Pedersen, J. Doyle, D. King
5. N. K. Iversen, P. Protasiewicz, D. Ward, D. King
6. Ch. Holder (Joker), K. Kasprzak, Ch. Harris, M. Korneliussen
7. J. Doyle, T. Woffinden, J. Hampel, P. Kildemand
8. N. Pedersen, T. Batchelor, J. Kołodziej, S. Stead (R)
9. K. Kasprzak, N. K. Iversen, T. Woffinden, T. Batchelor (R)
10. N. Pedersen (Joker), P. Protasiewicz, T. Woffinden (Joker), J. Doyle
11. Ch. Holder, P. Kildemand, J. Kołodziej, D. King
12. N. Pedersen, D. Ward, J. Hampel, Ch. Harris
13. J. Hampel, M. Korneliussen, D. Ward, D. King
14. J. Doyle, N. K. Iversen, Ch. Harris, J. Kołodziej
15. D. Ward, P. Kildemand, K. Kasprzak, S. Stead
16. T. Woffinden, P. Protasiewicz, N. Pedersen, Ch. Holder
17. J. Doyle, K. Kasprzak, Ch. Harris, M. Korneliussen
18. J. Hampel, N. Pedersen, Ch. Holder, D. King (R)
19. J. Doyle, T. Woffinden, P. Kildemand, P. Protasiewicz (X)
20. D. Ward, N. K. Iversen, J. Kołodziej, S. Stead

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