Second Place At PK’s Farewell

Second Place At PK’s Farewell

Peter Karlsson said goodbye to his British career on Sunday after many years service in the UK. In his farewell meeting, Niels finished as runner up alongside his team partner for the meeting, Adam Skornicki.

The pair raced to 31 points on the night, with Niels contributing 21, but that wasn’t enough to overcome the Wolves Legends Freddie Lindgren and host Peter Karlsson, who managed 35 points. It was a good start to the season for Niels with four race wins and track time against a host of top class riders.

Team Scores:

Wolves Legends: 35

1. Peter Karlsson (3*,-,-,2,2) 7+1

2. Fredrik Lindgren (4,4,3,3*,4,4) 22+1

R1. Kyle Howarth (2,4) 6

R2. Max Clegg (D) 0
Monmore Nice Guys: 31
7. Adam Skórnicki (3,2,0,3*,W,-) 8+1

8. Niels-Krisitian Iversen (2*,4,4,4,3,4) 21+1

R1. Kyle Howarth (2) 2
Rye House “BMR” Rockets: 30

9. Scott Nicholls (2,0,4,3,3,4) 16

10. Chris Harris (4,3,3*,2*,0,2) 14+2
Danish Pirates: 29

5. Nicolai Klindt (0,4,2,2*,3,0) 11+1

6. Hans Andersen (4,2^,4,3,2*,3) 18+1
PK Stars: 24

11. Sam Masters (3,3,2,4,4,3) 19

12. David Howe (0,2*,0,0^,3*,0) 5+2
Swedish Wolves: 21

3. Magnus Karlsson (2,0,-,0,0,2*) 4+1

4. Jacob Thorssell (0,3,3,4,2,3) 15

R1. Kyle Howarth (2*) 2+1
US Young Guns: 19

13. Ricky Wells (3,4,2,2,4,4) 19

14. Broc Nicol (W,0,0,0,0,0) 0

1. F. Lindgren, P. Karlsson, M. Karlsson, J. Thorssellć

2. H. Andersen, A. Skórnicki, N.K. Iversen, N. Klindt

3. C. Harris, S. Masters, S. Nicholls, D. Howe

4. F. Lindgren, R. Wells, K. Howarth, B. Nicol (W/U)

5. N. Klindt, J. Thorssell, H. Andersen (-15m), M. Karlsson

6. N.K. Iversen, C. Harris, A. Skórnicki, S. Nicholls

7. R. Wells, S. Masters, D. Howe. B. Nicol

8. H. Andersen, F. Lindgren, N. Klindt, M. Clegg (D)

9. N.K. Iversen, J. Thorssell, K. Howarth, A. Skórnicki

10. S. Nicholls, C. Harris, R. Wells, B. Nicol

11. K. Howarth, F. Lindgren, S. Masters, D. Howe

12. J. Thorssell, S. Nicholls, C. Harris, M. Karlsson

13. S. Masters, H. Andersen, N. Klindt, D. Howe (-15m)

14. N.K. Iversen, A. Skórnicki, R. Wells, B. Nicol

15. F. Lindgren, S. Nicholls, P. Karlsson, C. Harris

16. S. Masters, D. Howe, J. Thorsell, M. Karlsson

17. R. Wells, N. Klindt, H. Andersen, B. Nicol

18. F. Lindgren, N.K. Iversen, P. Karlsson, A. Skórnicki (W)

19. R. Wells, J. Thorssell, M. Karlsson, B. Nicol

20. S. Nicholls, H. Andersen, C. Harris, N. Klindt

21. N.K. Iversen, S. Masters, K. Howarth, D. Howe

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