Second At Decennary

Second At Decennary

Niels continued his build-up to the season with a second place at Simon Lambert’s Decennary held at King’s Lynn on Sunday.

Lambert was celebrating his time in the sport in-front of a healthy crowd at the Adrian Flux Arena. Niels raced through his qualification heats with relative ease, notching up five consecutive race wins to top the scoresheet with 15 points.

The semi-final and final proved to be tougher for Niels and second place in the first semi was enough to secure a spot in the final alongside eventual winner Kenneth Bjerre, Danny King and Sam Masters.

Rider Scores:

1. Kenneth Bjerre (2,3,2,2,3) 12 – 1st in Final
2. Niels Kristian Iversen (3,3,3,3,3) 15 – 2n in Final
3. Sam Masters (3,3,2,3,2) 13 – 3rd in Final
4. Daniel King (3,1,2,2,0) 8 – 4th in Final
5. Craig Cook (3,3,3,3,1) 13
6. Michael Palm Toft (2,1,3,1,2) 9
7. Josh Grajczonek (0,2,2,2,3) 9
8. Lasse Bjerre (T,2,3,2,1) 8
9. Kenneth Hansen (1,1,1,3,X) 6
10. Todd Kurtz (2,2,0,0,2) 6
11. David Howe (0,2,1,1,0) 4
12. Thomas Jorgensen (1,1,T,1,1) 4
13. Danny Ayres (0,0,3) 3
14. James Sarjeant (0,0,1,0,2) 3
15. Carl Wilkinson (2,R,1,D,0) 3
16. Ulrich Ostergaard (1,0,0,1,X) 2
17. Simon Lambert (1,0,0,W) 1

Heat Results

1. S. Masters, K. Bjerre, K. Hansen, D. Ayres, L. Bjerre (T)
2. N.K. Iversen, M. Palm Toft, U. Ostergaard, J. Grajczonek
3. C. Cook, T. Kurtz, S. Lambert, D. Howe
4. D. King, C. Wilkinson, T. Jorgensen, J. Sarjeant
5. N.K. Iversen, D. Howe, K. Hansen, C. Wilkinson (R)
6. K. Bjerre, J. Grajczonek, D. King, S. Lambert
7. C. Cook, L. Bjerre, M. Palm Toft, J. Sarjeant
8. S. Masters, T. Kurtz, T. Jorgensen, U. Ostergaard
9. C. Cook, J. Grajczonek, K. Hansen, D. Ayres, T. Jorgensen (T)
10. N.K. Iversen, K. Bjerre, J. Sarjeant, T. Kurtz
11. L. Bjerre, D. King, D. Howe, U. Ostergaard
12. M. Palm Toft, S. Masters, C. Wilkinson, S. Lambert
13. K. Hansen, D. King, M. Palm Toft, T. Kurtz
14. C. Cook, K. Bjerre, U. Ostergaard, C. Wilkinson (R)
15. N.K. Iversen, L. Bjerre, T. Jorgensen, S. Lambert (X)
16. S. Masters, J. Grajczonek, D. Howe, J. Sarjeant
17. D. Ayres, J. Sarjeant, U. Ostergaard (X), K. Hansen (X)
18. K. Bjerre, M. Palm Toft, T. Jorgensen, D. Howe
19. J. Grajczonek, T. Kurtz, L. Bjerre, C. Wilkinson
20. N.K. Iversen, S. Masters, C. Cook, D. King
Semi 1: K. Bjerre, N.K. Iversen, M. Palm Toft, L. Bjerre
Semi 2: S. Masters, D. King, C. Cook, J. Grajczonek
FINAŁ: K. Bjerre, N.K. Iversen, S. Masters, D. King

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